DISCLAIMER: I’m going to start out by telling you that I will not be able to properly express my feelings about this book with words. I’m not talented or eloquent enough to write a review worthy of this story.

I’ve never read a story that has touched me so deeply. I’ve never “met” characters that I’ve connected with so intensely. I’ve never read a book that MATTERED more.

I’ve felt that way about L.B.’s books before. She’s so incredibly and uniquely talented, and every book she writes deals with important issues. They’re all amazing.
But We, the Wildflowers is different. I’m not entirely sure why, but it is. It’s deeper. It’s more painful. It’s even MORE important.

These characters are so real, and I found myself caring about them as if I knew them. I felt physical pain when they suffered. I cried when they were hurting. I had to stop and breathe when I felt the need to protect them. I rejoiced with them and felt pride in them. The Wildflowers became a part of me. I’m crying just thinking about them again.

Everything about this story is beautifully written, even the ugly parts. L.B.’s words are poetic and meaningful, and it’s obvious that every word was carefully chosen to fit this story perfectly. This book has the power to change people. It has the power to help people, and heal them. It’s important. It matters. And it should be read by everyone, especially parents and mature teens. I look forward to reading it again with my 14-year old son so we can use it as a tool to ignite essential conversations. It will shatter your heart, but you will be healed by the end, I promise.

I have been waiting for this book for years. It was my most anticipated book EVER. That’s a lot of pressure. I mean, what it I waited so long and was disappointed? Rest assured that if you’ve been anxiously awaiting this release, I PROMISE you will not be disappointed. It lived up to and even exceeded my expectations exponentially.

My Wildflowers (yes, they’re mine) will stay with me forever.


P.S. This is NOT a romance. This is a YA book with some romantic elements, but the main relationships are amongst the four teens. Their bond with each other is stronger than any adult romantic relationship I’ve ever read, and that’s truly what I love about reading romance. It’s the connection that matters, and this book has CONNECTION! – Review by Abby O’Shea