How do books play a role in your holiday season? In Iceland, it is tradition to receive a book as a gift on Christmas Eve. Everyone snuggles in their beds and reads their new novel before drifting off to sleep. We try to incorporate books into many of our holiday traditions.

  •  Creating bookmarks as holiday cards. Use your fun family photos to create a Christmas greeting bookmark that can actually be used instead of tossed aside.


  • Swap mystery books with your friends. Wrap up one of your books and trade with friends. We usually play ‘rob your neighbor’ type games to exchange.


  • Create a holiday book themed advent calendar.  There are so many holiday books to choose from. We like to alternate between classics and new releases. I try to choose books of all different sizes so that when I stack them, it resembles a tree. We open one new book and read it before bed each night in December. Book-Christmas-tree-e1414315423420.jpg

Share your holiday book traditions and as always happy reading!