Subscription Boxes top the majority of gift guides this year and we are so honored to have been featured in A Cotton Kandi Life‘s feature of subscription boxes for kids.


Kandice said “The books we received were exactly on point for Cash! I loved these books because they were geared towards education. Cash received a counting book, a reference book on Iguanas and a Habitat sticker book that he spent hours with, making sure he put all of the sticker animals in their proper place.”

We love to follow A Cotton Kandi Life.Would you love to have more time in your day to achieve everything on your list? Are there small areas of your house driving you crazy with clutter and inefficiency? Do you have a daily routine problem keeping you down?Are you looking for simple, effective solutions for the mini struggles in your #momlife?Does your Toddler need some structure, a schedule or perhaps simple behavioral modifications? Kandice tackles it all on her blog with ideas that are easy to implement. Be sure to check her out!

Happy reading!