Summer break is almost here! Days are spent enjoying sunshine, vacations, and outside fun. Without worry of early wake up calls and homework, summer is typically the season focused on fun. However, If you follow us on social media, you will know we have been sharing startling statistics the amount of knowledge that is lost during summer break. How can you have fun with your children while trying to maintain some of the skills they have learned over the school year?

  1. Cook together! Cooking offers a review of many subjects. Children can read the directions. They can measure ingredients. You can work together as a family unit to accomplish a short goal. Plus, Children are more likely to eat a meal if they assist in making it!
  2. Visit the Library. Our local library hosts many events during the summer. The family fun days are a great way to beat the heat. The summer reading programs don’t feel overwhelming, and my children love to pick a book to keep when they complete the challenge! Statistics show that reading just 6 books over summer can keep a struggling reader from regressing. With regular visits to the library, that is totally doable!
  3. Summer is the season of road trips. Car rides can be long, but playing games offer a distraction to the monotony of a long drive.  Round Robin Storytelling is a game I look forward to playing with my littles. Take turns inventing a story. One player makes up the beginning of the story then the other players continue it. Try to incorporate landmarks, signs, or other things you see out your car windows into the story.


Kids Reveal Book Box wishes your family a summer full of fun and as always, happy reading!