With all the pressures children are faced with and bullying, how do you educate your kiddos who to look up to? Of course we can lead by example. We can tell them who we look up to. We can teach them right from wrong, but is that enough? Do you know of peer role models for your children? Do you tell them what qualities they should look for in a role model?

Every family educates their children differently in this area. I like to show my boys which traits to look for in a peer leader. We talk about how actions make others feel but using flash cards that display an emotion. Their school teaches five habits that display personal responsibility as well as leadership skills. We reenact situational conflicts that require a reaction out of them. I want the best for my children in all aspects of the world, but above all else, I want them to be kind.

At ages five and six, their acceptance of all people is admirable. I want them to always  hold on to that. This article from Roots of Action incredible. I believe it is timeless and for any age. The story gives examples of qualities to look for in a child role model, while allowing your kiddos to choose their own influences. Check it out!

Stay kind, and happy reading.