Reading is fun but who says it also cannot be done with a purpose in mind?


If your kiddos are like mine, they could spend many hours at the library. They love to wander the aisles, taking in all of the books and choices at their fingertips. Occasionally, they can be overwhelmed which makes decision making harder. I always want reading to be a fun hobby so I started this new approach with my children and so far, it has kept our library visits fun!

If you can relate, try introducing your children to reading challenges. As an adult, I have done these any time I go through a book slump. It feels so good to cross something off a list and kiddos can benefit from that feeling as well. This can help children explore outside of genres they may typically read. Who knows what new adventure they will stumble upon? I found these great ones for January, but you can adapt them for different months throughout the year:

Bookish Fun for Winter: A January Reading Challenge brought to you by Brightly

Winter Reading Challenge by Growing Book by Book

New Year Reading Challenge by Scholastic’s On Our Mind Blog


Happy reading!