As parents, it can be difficult to “know” how to discuss tough subjects with your children. In modern times, these discussions are so important. It helps to nourish a bond and level of communication with your children. With much stress in every day life, children need to have someone to openly talk to about troubles they may face or worries that occupy their minds. Books, yes even children’s books, are the perfect tool to open the line of communication.

My children have large imaginations, but they bask in facts. They ask a lot of questions about natural disasters, social issues, and lives of people as well as animals. I want to be able to approach these topics by filling them in on age-appropriate facts. Navigating how to provide these facts without being overwhelming is a thin line. Opening the conversation with a story helps the facts to be more conversational. This encourages your children to be comfortable with talking about the topic.

Brightly offers an interesting article on tackling these situations and provides a list of books that coincide with common subjects that are difficult to talk about. Check it out!