“When elementary students performed three acts of kindness per week they significantly increased their acceptance of peers compared to kids who did not perform three kind acts of kindness. Students who are taught kindness are more empathetic, more socially aware and connected, and they receive higher grades too. Be kind—it is free and the payback is good for all!” –Stopbullying.gov


Kindness can truly change the world. Children show the first signs of compassion as toddlers and it is our job as caregivers to cultivate this sentiment. We can teach children through play, by showing them what it looks like to care for others, or through books. Stories are a great tool because books open doors for discussion. It can help your child to picture what someone else’s life is like. Happy You, Happy Family has created the Ultimate List of Children’s Books About Kindness . This list is so detailed and holds the BEST of the BEST. Help your children choose kind.

Happy reading!