100 Days of School

My children are quickly approaching 100 days of school. For little ones, this is an exciting accomplishment! 100 days of learning. 100 days of making friends. 100 days of a different environment, that now feels like home!

Our schools love to celebrate this day. Does your child’s school do anything to mark this day? My kiddos dress like they are 100 days old and they also bring 100 pieces of a small item to count. I like to see all the different ways schools make 100 days special.

100th-day-of-school-books-editing-file (1)

Maria Gavin, Founder of Kinder-Craze, put together a list of her top 50 books to mark this milestone. You can also find a creative list for classroom celebrations. Happy 100 days!

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Kids Will Change the World

At Kids Reveal Book Box, we love to give back. It inspires us when children do the same! Meet Jake and Max Klein. When these teens were denied volunteer opportunities because they were too young, they took matters into their own hands.

Jake and Max launched Kids That Do Good, an online database for children of any age to search for volunteer opportunities in their area. The search engine is user friendly and allows families to search by age, location, or interests. Kids That Do Good is growing every day and charities include everything from helping the homeless to launching a food drive to providing Thanksgiving meals for the needy and working with wildlife at animal rescue center.

The twins didn’t stop there. They added a teacher resource page which includes lesson plans, readings, and tools for educators to teach children why giving back is important and how to do it.

Motivated kids like this are changing the world! Great work Jack and Max.

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It Is Bitterly Cold… Now What?

I LOVED this activity and my 5 and 6 year old found it just as fun. It was a great way to occupy my kiddos during the bitter cold holiday yesterday! Be sure to check out ALL things @mystorytimecorner. I have loved following her!

“OVER AND UNDER INVITATION 📚 I love this series of books. They are wonderful for discussing seasons and our world and the animals all around us. 📚 Winter looks very different here in Southern California than what’s depicted in this book so this seemed like an especially good invitation for my kids – but I think no matter what your season or weather is right now, inviting them to think and imagine what’s over and especially under them right now is a fun idea. ❄️ Like most of our morning invitations – this was super simple. Book + Paper with a line drawn across + index card with a question + crayons = easy, creative activity to start our day. ⭐️ Have a simple invitation or activity to share? I’d love to see them. Tag me or share with the hashtag#30morninginvitations to add to the collection of ideas!”

Be sure to visit Erin and all of her fantastic ideas on her website!

Happy reading -Christina

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day


Today is a day to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is so important to teach our children the sacrifices Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Because of him, children are able to attend the same school as their friends. They are able to play on the same playground, drink from the same water fountain, and ride the same bus, without giving an extra thought. As parents, explaining the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. helps them give an extra thought to the meaning of equality. Teaching your children, no matter what age they are, will provide them with the tools to take them through a lifetime of understanding.

Books are a wonderful resource when trying to help children understand history. They help provide facts in a way that children of any age group can process. I love this list from Brightly

Having these discussions show kids how far we have come as a nation and how far we have left to go. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Dream shows the passion, ideals, and actions of even ONE person can change our entire world for the better.

My children ask questions. They remember and recall our conversations months later.

Because they need to.

Because we all should.

Happy reading!

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“It is love of the process, a positive attitude, and the desire to improve that make children into ‘can-do’ kids,” says Shari Young Kuchenbecker, PhD, Spokesperson for the ADA and a psychologist & child development consultant in Los Angeles.


Congratulations to Tucker, age 5, for accomplishing 75% of his Kindergarten reading level goal. We are so proud at how determined you tackle sounding out the most difficult words. With your effort, you are sure to blow that end of year goal out of the water!

We’d love to praise YOUR READER. Email us a photo and a reading goal your child has accomplished. We look forward to celebrating all of our little friends.

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Choose Kind

“When elementary students performed three acts of kindness per week they significantly increased their acceptance of peers compared to kids who did not perform three kind acts of kindness. Students who are taught kindness are more empathetic, more socially aware and connected, and they receive higher grades too. Be kind—it is free and the payback is good for all!” –Stopbullying.gov


Kindness can truly change the world. Children show the first signs of compassion as toddlers and it is our job as caregivers to cultivate this sentiment. We can teach children through play, by showing them what it looks like to care for others, or through books. Stories are a great tool because books open doors for discussion. It can help your child to picture what someone else’s life is like. Happy You, Happy Family has created the Ultimate List of Children’s Books About Kindness . This list is so detailed and holds the BEST of the BEST. Help your children choose kind.

Happy reading!

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A Peek in the Box

GIRAFFE SUBSCRIBERS, Ages 0-3…Be on the look out, you may be receiving this fun book!

We are excited to include Rosie & Rex A Nose for Fun by Emmy Award-winning creator of the Nick Jr. preschool television series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, Bob Boyle. This story brings to life a vibrant, playful friendship story about robots, featuring Rosie and Rex. Young readers will delight in this exciting, humorous picture book in which robots meet all the fun of tea parties.

You can learn more about Rosie & Rex on Harper & Collins website.

Happy reading!


One of the most important ways to encourage your reader is to offer praise when goals are accomplished. Big or small, when your child overcomes a challenge, it is a celebration!  It can be anything from learning their sight words for the week, moving up a reading level, finishing a long book, or reading independently, etc. Your child’s confidence will grow each time their effort pays off.


Grayson, age 6, has moved up a reading level! We are so proud of all the extra work he is putting in to become a ready reader.

Kids Reveal Book Box wants to celebrate with your family.  To have your child spotlighted in our new feature, email us a photo and a reading goal they have accomplished!

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Organizing New Books for the New Year

It happens all the time. You fear you have hit capacity for the amount of books you have in your home. No worries, I am here to help!

Donate any books your child hasn’t read in the last 6 months. I try to trim down the books without my kids in the room, otherwise every book is their favorite book. No matter if I remind them the joy that donating books brings them or that maybe a baby would love to have that peek a boo book they completely forgot about, the books are always “theirs.” You can often donate them to a local library or school.  My area hosts a 3 day long book fair where profits go 100% to local reading programs for children so we always donate to them.

Picking out storage is the most time consuming thing for me. I need something that can fit in a small space. I need something that can hold a good amount of books in a compact space. Keeping children’s books in their line of sight helps them choose reading as as activity while playing. That is something I always keep in mind while looking for storage.


This blue one from The Home Depot is a great choice because it holds many books and has a sleek style. The top rows keep covers facing out which is eye-catching to children.

This is a great choice from Amazon, as it also offers a seating option on top to make the perfect little reading nook. The bottom slots are great for sliding those canvas bins  full of books in. My niece likes to use those to organize her books. She keeps a bin for non-fiction and fiction.



We really loved this option also from Amazon. The clear wall shelving provides a unique look that frees up floor space! I love thinking of changing out the front displayed book to coordinate the seasons or holidays. How do you organize your books?

Happy reading!


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New Year Family Traditions

Happy 2019! Every year seems to pass more quickly than the last. Do you practice any New Year traditions as a family? I typically focus on self or professional goals for the year, but this year I would like to also have a family goal of enjoying each other more. Taking the time to slow down and soaking up this sweet time with my 5 and 6 year olds. There will come a time where my children won’t want to spend their Friday nights at Nana’s for dinner, or participate in living room camp outs with my husband and I. It is my hope that by starting this tradition now, we can continue it for many years.

We are going to write down activities on a scrap of paper and fill a jar. Twice a month, someone will choose from the jar and our family days will begin! My kiddos enjoy most activities we do as a family, so we will incorporate favorites as well as new adventures. I am looking forward to starting this tradition.


Here are some of our ideas. A few are weather specific, so I plan to add those to the jar as the seasons change. A few our specific to our location but can be easily exchanged for places that are local to you.

  1. Play laser tag outside in the dark.
  2. Go camping.
  3. Make snow ice cream.
  4. Have a water balloon fight.
  5. Play in the rain.
  6. Watch movies and eat snacks for dinner.
  7. Have a game night at Nana’s.
  8. Visit the St. Louis Arch.
  9. Watch a movie at the Omnimax Theater.
  10. Go to the Zoo.
  11. Visit the City Museum.
  12. Go on a hike.
  13. Pick up trash in a park.
  14. Go swimming.
  15. Go to a skating rink.
  16. Watch a baseball game.
  17. Wear pajamas all day and do nothing but play.
  18. Eat sno-cones.
  19. Make homemade pizza.
  20. Tie-Dye t-shirts.
  21. Stay up as late as you want.
  22. Go to a builder’s class at a hardware store.
  23. Attend a painting class geared towards children.
  24. Have an egg hunt.
  25. Jump in the leaves.
  26. Visit a new park.
  27. Family camp out in the living room.
  28. Make an indoor obstacle course.
  29. Put on a shadow puppet show.
  30. Paint rocks.
  31. Have blind taste tests.
  32. Play flashlight tag.
  33. Read a new book, child’s choice.

We wish you peace, happiness, and lots of great books in this new year!


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