Getting to Know You

  • Tell us a bit about yourself.

    • Hmmm…let’s see. I grew up in Missouri (Let’s Go Blues!) and lived there most of my life until my husband, who I’ve been with since I was 15, joined the Marine Corps. We moved to the East Coast for that and have been over here since.Aside from all that, I’m a HUGE lover of pizza and coffee. I could live on both. I love brownies (edge piece, please), Supernatural, One Tree Hill, hockey, and bourbon. I love reading books with lots of kissing and romance and I designed romance book covers before I started writing. Halloween is my favorite day of the year and I love spooky stuff. I wear leggings more than jeans and own way too many fuzzy socks.

      I’m a total homebody and way too sarcastic for my own good. 

  • How long have you been writing and what made you decide to publish?

    • I began writing when I young. I used to write awful fan fiction that will never, ever see the light of day. As for my career… I wrote my first book (Here’s to Tomorrow) in 2014 and published it in 2015 when my husband was gone for the military and I was lonely. He was doing something for himself, so I wanted to do something for me too. Even if nothing came out of it, at least I could say I did it. And cross something big off my list. And I’m so happy I did.
  • Why did you decide to write romance? Do you think you’ll eventually write books in a different genre in the future?

    • I’ve always been a romance lover and have been hooked on the genre since I was young. I never say never, but I truly don’t ever see myself writing something that doesn’t center heavily around a romance story.
  • Can you describe a typical day in your life?

    • Right now, with COVID, it’s pretty boring. I stay up way too late and sleep in even later. After the Marine cooks me breakfast (because I don’t kitchen), I settle down to write if I’m on deadline. If I’m not, I’m usually doing admin stuff.If we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic, I’d get up early and head to Starbucks after breakfast. Then I’d write from around 10AM to 4PM.

      Wow. So it looks like I’m boring no matter what

Your Work and Life as a Writer

  • Your books are mostly romantic comedies. Did you grow up with those kinds of books or movies? What’s your favorite rom-com film and book?

    • I didn’t read romantic comedies growing up but I’ve always loved watching them.Ironically, I still don’t read romcoms. I know, I know. It’s weird. But I like to keep my writing separate from my reading.

      I don’t think I have a favorite romcom movie, but some of my favorites are The Proposal, Clueless, and Set It Up.

  • What was your inspiration for creating your bestselling Texting Series? Did you draw scenes from real life experiences?

    • It’s actually kind of funny I wrote a series centered around texting because I hardly ever text myself.I guess you could say I got inspiration from the hundreds of Buzzfeed articles about wrong number texts, but I’m not even sure that’s accurate. I just always thought it would be cute for two people to have a wrong number mix-up and make a connection from it. Like a lot of us do online all the time, it’s easier to open up when you’re tucked safely behind your keyboard, and I wanted to explore that side of a relationship.
  • What has changed and remained the same about your writing style and process from when you started to now?

    • My writing style has changed so much in the last six years. I still write snarky, fun characters and still do my very best to write how people talk, but I’ve definitely tightened up my writing.My process is always changing. I don’t have a set number of hours or days I write. I know some authors get up at 4AM and write until 10AM every single day. Some write on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only. Me? When and where I start a book, that’s how I have to write it the whole time. Which means if I sit down at my desk and start writing at 10PM and stay up until 3AM, that’s my process for the entire book. I also tend to write faster and better in ten minute sprints (setting a timer and doing nothing but writing for X amount of time).
  • Is there anyone in the industry you would like to collaborate with?

    • I can’t really think of anyone. I’m honestly too much of loner to write with someone else.
  • Who are some of your literary heroes, fictional or real?

    • I admire many people. Some fictional ones include Lily Bloom from Colleen Hoover’s It Ends with Us and Some real ones are Colleen Hoover because she’s so…her. Tarryn Fisher because she just doesn’t give a f*ck. And Meghan Quinn because I admire her work ethic so, so much.

Something Extra for Your Fans

  • What’s the most romantic story ever written?

    • Oh, gosh. Everyone has such a different view on what is romantic, so this is kind of hard.Two books that have really truly stuck with me are This Is Love by Caroline Nolan and Hawthorn & Heathcliff by R.K. Ryals. They’re both romantic in their own way and I think they are so unbelievably underrated.
  • Which of your characters would you most likely date? Least likely to date?

    • I’d date the shit out of Zach from Let’s Get Textual. Or Sully from Cheesy on the Eyes. And Dean from Loathe Thy Neighbor. I love funny guys who are good people. Not saying my other heroes aren’t funny or good people, but something about those three just makes my heart pitter-patter.I’d probably be least likely to date Foster from A Pizza My Heart. Not that I don’t adore him but since I had to pick one, I pick him.
  • Mountains or beaches?

    • I love the view of the mountains and the feeling of being isolated, but I’ve yet to spend an extended amount of time in the mountains. I’ve lived near the beach about six years now. I love the sounds of it and how it seems to stretch on forever, but the ocean scares me, and I hate sand.
  • Edward Cullen or Jacob Black?

    • Team Edward all the way!
  • What was your childhood dream?

    • For the longest time I wanted to be an editor for Rolling Stone magazine because I love music so much. But I realized I’m not a good critic and I’d much rather write kissing books.
  • Who is your favorite fictional couple from your books?

    • Zach and Delia from Let’s Get Textual. I just love them so much. Their love is effortless, and they click so well.

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