Getting to Know You

  • Tell us about yourself. When did you first decide to write and how did you get published?

    • I was always a big reader, and after the fifty shades craze led me to the indie book world, I became a blogger. One day a friend said I should try to write one day and see what happens. I wrote the big climax scene of what would become Always You and I couldn’t stop. Sounds cheesy but it felt like I was finally where I was supposed to be and doing what I was meant to do. I self-published, thinking that was it, and never thought it would last for 10 books.
  • You have a career in marketing. How do you also find the time to write bestsellers and spend time with your family?  

    • I write in the early morning and a night. Social media is something I’m actively trying to limit so my free time isn’t wasted.
  • What’s a typical day in your life?

    • Wake up about 5:45 am, turn on Beachbody and whatever program I’m currently doing (now it’s The Work) for about 40 mins. Shower, get my son up for school, then write 1,000 words before I log on for work. I work from home and right now my son is hybrid so he’s home two to three days per week. Try to read or listen to some of an audiobook at lunch, make dinner, maybe write or read before I go to bed.
  • What’s a personal goal you hope to achieve soon?

    • Personal, I’d really love to be able to not scroll mindlessly through social media all day. It’s a big struggle.  Writing wise, I’d love to hit the Amazon top 100 one day.

Your Work and Life as a Writer

  • How did it feel when you first finished, published, and found Always You being received so well?

    • Like my kid’s first day of school. Exciting, terrifying, vulnerable. I still can’t believe that people loved that book or that they still pick up my words. 
  • How do you manage multiple ideas and stories in your head? How do you decide which projects to pursue and set aside? What do you do with unfinished stories?

    • It’s hard to know which one is the strongest sometimes, I always hit a writing wall at like 20k and want to switch. Now that I know it’s my process, I force myself to keep going.
  • Describe your writing process. What are the common obstacles for writers?

    • The comparison-itis can get into your head pretty badly. Also putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to be as good or better than your last release. When someone says they love my book, I’m thrilled yet scared I won’t be as good next time. It’s why most of us like wine so much (at least speaking for myself).
  • What’s your favorite thing about being a romance writer? Least favorite?

    • I love making my own world with my own rules, and having things pan out the way they should. I make it realistic, but I’d like to think you pick up one of my books and put it down with a big smile on your face. Writing the good guy, or the beta hero (although all my guys have an alpha streak) is my very favorite thing to bring to the table.  Least favorite is always worrying about chemistry. I’m always afraid of the MCs not looking “connected enough” and often drive my betas crazy.
  • What do you think is your biggest accomplishment in writing?

    • I’m proud of all my books, but I’d like to think I improve with each one. I’ll go with writing 10 books in six years, which for some isn’t a lot but was a huge feat for me.

Something Extra for Your Fans

  • Do you believe in reincarnation?

    • I read Love at the Edge of Time by Julie Richman and that made me want to believe in it (it’s that amazing of a book). For the most part, not really, but I do believe in ghosts, guardian angels, and spirits and forces we can’t see but should respect.
  • What’s your life motto?

    • Lately, it’s “You can do hard things.” Because the past year has been super hard and somehow I made it.
  • What’s your zodiac sign and does it suit you? 

    •  Capricorn. Stubborn as shit so yes, fits perfectly.
  • Which of your books would you love to be adapted into a film and who do you want to direct?

    • Rewrite or Only You (can’t choose) I always thought of as movies. Direct is tough, only one that comes to mind is Nora Ephron who passed away.
  • What’s your go-to comfort food?

    •  Chocolate or Peanut Butter
  • Describe your perfect date 

    • Dinner by the water and a long walk outside.

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