Getting to Know You

  • Tell us about yourself. How did you get into the writing business?

    • I have always loved to write and read! So when I had my first daughter and decided to stay home with her I decided to just go for it.
  • Why did you choose to become a romance writer? Are there any other genres you enjoy reading or writing about?

    • I think love is something most have in common and it’s fascinating to me. All the different ways we love. All the different ways we can screw it up. All the ways we can come back and redeem ourselves! I just love it. I pretty much only read romance.
  • What was the last milestone or achievement you celebrated?

    • Being a featured author with the Romance Reveal book box! I’m still in aw I was chosen.
  • What are your goals for 2021?

    • Just keep going! I have so many stories I want to write.

Your Work and Life as a Writer

  • Why do you think your Monroe and Adamson series is such a big hit? What was the best compliment you received about it?

    • I think I can answer this by answering the last question: the best compliment I ever got was that it felt so real to them. Like they got lost in their world and felt like they truly knew them. I really think that’s what people want when they read. To just get swept up and lost.
  • How do you write scenes that make you readers cry? Do you have a secret for emotional writing?

    • I tap into my own pain. I listen to really emotional songs and I put myself there and think about how I would feel. Human emotion is absolutely fascinating. The things we can go through and overcome. It’s absolutely amazing when you think about it. I’m obsessed with all the different scenarios of situations that can happen in life and all the different ways they can be handled.
  • What’s a theme or conflict in romance that needs to be explored more?

    • Hmmm…. this is a really good question. I like broken characters. The real nitty gritty. Seemingly unlovable characters that get their happy ending. I would love to see that. I love when writers take chances!
  • How has the romance genre changed from when you were growing up to now?

    • I remember speaking my mom’s books with Fabio on the cover and devouring them and I think maybe they’ve just gotten more current. More diverse and authors have gotten ballsier, pushing the limits of themselves and their readers and I live for it!
  • Tell us about your writing process.

    • I think about writing all the time. My characters live in me. Their stories hound me and when I get a chance I finally get them out into their story. I never force myself to write though. If I get an idea and I don’t have time to write though I get in the worst mood!

Something Extra for Your Fans

  • Which of your books would you like to live in?

    • Oh boy… probably Fixation because Elle works in a library and has a broken boy that adores her. But really I could survive happily in all of them.
  • Your go-to coffee order?

    • Large mocha latte!! Always! Hot and cold I’m not picky about that
  • Do you believe in the paranormal?

    • Yup. I don’t rule anything out ever
  • What’s your favorite fan moment?

    • Hmmm I’m not sure! I’m still amazed when anyone reads my books and I reply to every single message because they mean the world to me!
  • Whose opinion do you value most when writing?

    • My own. That probably sounds horrible but I write for me first. If I don’t love it then I don’t expect anyone else to.
  • Greatest author of all time?

    • Oy!!! That’s rough and I don’t think I can pick. So many authors paved the way. I haven’t even read 50 shades of Grey but I know her books brought so many new readers and old to the romance genre. I used to love Nora Roberts when I was younger and that was all my mom had when I was desperate to read. There are just so many.

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