Getting to Know You

  • Tell us about yourself. How does it feel like being a new writer?

    • Crazy! Everytime I look at my book or see someone posting about it I still get super excited. I have always been an avid reader and I decided to try my hand at writing. It’s been fun to see my thoughts come to life!
  • How did you go about getting published? Did you look for an agent or directly submit your manuscript to publishing houses? Walk us through your journey.

    • I independently published my books. When doing my research it just seemed like the best option for me. I used a company that does my covers and formatting for all my books so that they look professional. After I work with an editor, I have a proofreader and a team of Beta readers to help catch any last minutes items.
  • Do you have any advice or tips for those wanting to break into the writing business?

    • Just start writing. It’s not going to be perfect the first time you put it on paper, but that is what edits and rewrites are for. Then take your time getting the book out, create your website, socials and mailing list, get people hyped! I rushed to get my first book out and it helped me to get things moving, but if I would have waited even a few more months, learned a little more about marketing I would have been better off.
  • What are the writing goals you want to achieve soon?

    • I am currently working on finishing up my new paranormal romance series, The Academy Series. First book launches on April 20th, 2021and I am about halfway through writing the third. Most of my current goals revolve around writing to get more material out for my readers. It’s a slight stretch but my goal for the year is to get on the USA Bestselling Author list, fingers crossed. 

Your Work and Life as a Writer

  • What was the inspiration for your Perfect Series? Did you always intend to write YA romance? Do you plan on writing for other romance sub-genres?

    • Perfect. was very much inspired by where and how I grew up. I think many young women go through struggle during the transition from high school to college and my hope was that people could relate to Seryna. My new series is a paranormal romance with Wolf Warriors!
  • Do you consider yourself a plotter or pantser when it comes to writing?

    • Very much a pantser but working on plotting more so that I do have to go back and fix so many holes in my edits.
  • What were the challenges you faced when you were starting out?

    • As I have told many people, writing the book is the easiest part. Find people that want to read it is a lot harder. With so many new books coming out everyday it’s easy to feel like you are drowning.
  • What are your favorite romance books? Who are the authors you look up to?

    • When I was younger I loved Twilight and then 50 Shades of Grey. It’s hard to say just one but Nora Roberts finds her way onto my list regularly. Seeing all the different stories she has spun and the years and years of writing is very inspiring. I’m not a one series and done, kind of author, I have too many ideas and she inspires me because she writes a little bit of everything.
  • What was the best review your books have received?

    •  “Oh. My. God. This book honestly captivated me from start to finish and I could not put it down until I had devoured every last word. The book follows Seryna Lawson as she struggles with life outside of school work with an impending start at college. Enter the mystery hottie and boy do things start to sizzle…”“Not just your typical teen drama and not any old romance book either. Somehow D.D Larson has blended both with a little bit of mystery to create a masterpiece that at points can leave little to the imagination. You could argue that it could be portrayed as a 50 shades rewrite but boy the passion, romance and downright drama written on those pages beg to differ. “If you’re looking for something a little exotic and saucy then this book could be the one for you! Teens and young adults alike, you should dive into Seryna’s perfect world and find your temperature rising, your cheeks flushing and wishing so badly that Seryna’s life could be yours…” Reedsy 5 Star Editorial Review

Something Extra for Your Fans

  • True or False: First love never dies.

    • True
  • Best relationship advice you received? Worst?

    • Best: Marry your best friend. Worst: Only looks matter
  • Harry Potter or LOTR?

    • Harry Potter
  • Best Decade?

    • 2010-2020
  • Would you date Christian Gray?

    • Um, definitely.
  • What is your guilty pleasure?

    •  Noodles and Company Mac’n Cheese with a Rice Crispy Treat

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