Getting to Know You

  • Tell us about yourself. Your website bio said a gift from your sister-in-law ignited your passion for books. Can you elaborate on that?

    • Hi! I’m Alex Grayson and I’m a lover of romance, whether I’m reading or writing it. Although I did read when I was younger, it was mostly Babysitter Club, Box Car Kids, Goosebumps, and R.L. Stine books. It wasn’t until 2009 that I discovered romance books. My husband took a job in Saudi Arabia for contracting work. I was very bummed and sad. My sister-in-law lived with us at the time. She gave me my first romance book to read as a distraction. It was called The Devil’s Necklace by Kat Martin. It was from that first experience my love and addiction to romance books began.
  • How did you go about self-publishing? What made you decide to go down that route instead of submitting to agents or publishing houses?

    • Why did I decide to self-publish instead of submitting to publishers? Honestly? I don’t think I would have published had I originally gone the traditional route. After I began reading romance in 2009, it took me years before I discovered indie authors. But once I did, there was no looking back for me. I actually started blogging after a while because I enjoyed the openness of indie publishing. I read a lot. But I kept coming across stories where I wanted it to go a certain way. I decided, hey, why not write your own story, and make it how I want it? And with indie publishing making it so easy, I could publish it myself. And thus began my writing career. I started my first book in January 2014, and it went out into the world in January 2015. Had it not been for the ease of indie publishing, I highly doubt I would be where I am today.
  • When you’re not writing, what other activities do you enjoy?

    • When I’m not writing, I’m usually reading. If not that, I’m either spending time with my family, doing diamond art, or watching Supernatural, The Walking Dead, or the Marvel Movies.
  • What’s a personal goal you’ve been working on for 2021?

    •  My goal for this year is to produce any books I release in Audible. I also want to move more into the foreign market.

Your Work and Life as a Writer

  • Your books deal with heavy and mature content like abuse, grief, loss, and drugs. What made you decide to include these themes in romance novels?

    •  I have no specific reason why I like to include darker content in my book. My only reason is because those types of books are what I enjoy reading the most. I write what I like to read. And I don’t know, maybe I have a warped mind. Lol.
  • Why do you think romance continues to still be popular now? What do you think of the criticism towards romance literature?

    • I believe romance is still popular because it gives readers a chance to escape real life. For most people, their love lives aren’t roses and sunshine like in books. We want that fantasy we get in fiction, and the only way we can get it is through books.
  • How do you think you have grown as an author from when you first published to now? What are significant learnings you’d like to share?

    • I believe I’ve grown a lot since I published my first book in 2015. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but accepting and learning from criticism was one of the most difficult things to overcome. Don’t look at bad reviews as something negative about your work. Use it to make your writing better. As much as we love that readers enjoy our work, you need to write for you. You are the one who you want to impress the most.
  • What are some of the biggest misconceptions about writers?

    • One of the biggest misconceptions about writers is that we are normal people too. We’re just as excited as readers are – if not more so – when readers contact us. Readers fangirl over authors, but it works both ways. Authors fangirl over readers too. I also want to mention, writing is hard. It’s not as easy as some may think. There are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes that readers don’t see. One book – something that takes a person only hours to read – takes an author months and months to finish.
  • What are you currently working on now?

    • I’m currently working on two projects. Uncocky Hero – my contribution to the Cocky Hero Club World – is in it’s editing phase. I’m also working on my project for Aurora Rose Reynolds’ HEA World. I can’t give out many details at the moment, but I believe people will be very pleased and excited about the couple I’m writing about. It’s a couple from an older series.

Something Extra for Your Fans

  • With which of your characters would you like to switch lives?

    • Which character would I like to switch lives with? That one’s a really hard one. Instead of picking just one, I’d have to go with three. These are in no particular order, because hey, I can’t be choosy. Molly and Lincoln from the Ever Series. For those who have read the series, you may think that’s strange, giving what happens. But then again, for those who have read the series, will completely understand why I chose this couple. The next couple would be Gwendolyn and Alexander. Alexander may be a tortured hero, but his passion and commitment to Gwen is beautiful and heartwarming. The last couple is Poppy and Asher, because hey, who wouldn’t want a sexy billionaire stalker??
  • Tips for writing love scenes?

    •  I have absolutely zero tips for writing love scenes. For me, it is one of the worst things to write. When I first started writing, I was actually looking forward to writing those scenes. It didn’t take long for me to get over it. Now I just want to close all the doors, but yeah, I don’t think my readers would care for that too much.
  • Who is your celebrity crush?

    • My celebrity crush is Jamie Dornan.
  • Morning person or night owl?

    • I’m generally a night owl. Going to bed at 4 or 5 in the morning is normal for me. But I’m working on becoming more of a morning person.
  • Sweet or savory?

    • Sweets for me for sure. I’m all about the sweets.
  • Talent you wish you had?

    •   A talent I wish I had? Graphic design. All of my creativity went to writing. I have none when it comes to graphic art.

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