5 STARS – Gah…this book!!! Craft is the flawless story of Lance and Mariah, two co-workers who are not quite friends but sure do have a thing for each other, whether they’d like to admit it or not!

Lance, I just don’t even know where to begin. A sexy, nerdy teacher who is all heart when it comes to his students and his family. With sexual innuendos for DAYS (which was hilarious), Lance is smitten with the librarian, Mariah, in his school and loves to push her buttons, especially since he know she can definitely handle her own.

Mariah is fun and sweet, but yet her sassy side comes out in full force when Lance is around. She can handle Lance like it’s nobody’s business but she’d like to do it in more ways than one However, you do see a softer side to Mariah, a broken side because of family and past relationships that makes your heart just hurt for her.

I am delighted with this story. I felt as though Lance and Mariah’s story was so simple, yet so complicated at the same time. Their banter, the way the brought out the best in each other and even the way their relationship takes on different meanings at times, Lance and Mariah’s journey evolved into something so perfect.

Just when I thought I knew what direction the book was going to take, I truly was surprised at a couple different times throughout the story. Also, the little tidbits of wisdom thrown in throughout the book that make you sit back and really think, well, I loved them.

With every single book Adriana Locke puts out into the world, you just can’t help but think can this one be any better than the last book? Truth is, she’s a master at her Craft and it shows. – Review by Kim Cermak, Sultry Sirens Book Blog