Over the past couple of years, subscription boxes have gaining popularity. Subscription boxes are a wonderful way to treat yourself. They also make the perfect gifts for any occasion. We have parents and grandparents who order Kids Reveal Book Boxes for birthday gifts, as an encouragement to a struggling reader, or to build up that summer reading stockpile. Why do parents love our book box?



  1. It saves time! Having perfectly curated books sent to your door allows you to spend your time on things that really matter, like reading with your children.
  2. The surprise! Surprise goodies are exciting for anyone to receive. It is even better when you know that whatever may be inside the box, it will be something you enjoy.
  3. One For One Promise. For every Kids Reveal Book Box that is purchased, a book is donated to child in need. Not only are you fostering a love of reading in your child, but many other children in the United States.
  4. Books make memories! Books won’t get tossed aside and forgotten about like most toys do. Books can be enjoyed for many years, being read and read again. Your imagination is always painting different pictures while reading a story.


Everyone wants to answer the door when the postal worker has a box in their hand. Happy reading!