5 STARS – Ok, let’s be honest. We’ve been reading about Darren and Charlene for years now and we’ve all come to our own conclusions about the two…especially about that damn pearl necklace

After reading Pucked Love however, everything has changed and I’ve got to say, Darren and Charlene are THE Pucked couple. As much as I’ve always stood behind Alex and Violet because they are the ones who started it all, there is no greater love than Darren and Charlene. Two utterly broken people meant to fix each other.

Everything about their story was a win for me. Charlene’s story, Darren’s story, crazy moms, grandparents, porn, weed, RVs, demons and self doubt, kinky sex and non kinky sex, and most importantly oh so many feelings and LOVE. Love like no other. Darren and Charlene’s relationship was a rollercoaster of emotions that had me laughing out loud while grabbing for tissues and crying the next chapter. I fell hard for these two and I have to say, they are undoubtedly the best Pucked couple of the series.

What a way to end one of the best series I’ve ever read. Friends, family and a love like no other. Helena Hunting, you’ve truly outdone yourself with this one. Thank you for one hell of a journey <3 – Review by Kim Cermak, Sultry Sirens Book Blog